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Things That Make Me Tick !

I have to admit that with the sunshine that plagued June and July now being long gone, it can be difficult to get motivated.

In light of that, I thought writing a post on what personally gets me refreshed and feeling positive!

A Night Out on the Town

Having stuff to look forward to is a real pick-me-up! Whether it’s staying in with the gals to chat about life and watch movies or going out, having a light at the end of the tunnel can make the week worthwhile.

Personally, coming downstairs in my student accommodation to see a crowd of familiar and friendly faces is all I need to lift my mood.

…Even if it does end in some questionably drunk photos uploaded to Facebook!


Exercise your body to exercise those demons – see what I did there, funny right? But it’s true. Whenever I’m in a rut, popping my trainers on and pumping the music for a jog down the canal or a gym session always boosts my mood.

This is always the best way to start my day and means that I’m ready for whatever comes my way. Essays? No sweat! Reading? Hand me the books!

After all, your  body loves releasing them endorphin’s even if you can’t walk the next day…

Discuss It 

Talk about it! This is what I do whenever I have writers block. Chatting to a friend about a plot for a story or theme for an essay can help cement what you want to do.

So, jump those hurdles together.


That’s it for today ladies and gentlemen! Don’t worry, I’ll be back same time tomorrow with more things to talk about!

I think I might start doing posts on a day in my life-esque thing which might be good. Come with me on walks, chores and days out!

Ciao for now!

E xxx



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Student Story Time: Clubs- The Good, The Bad and The Drunk

This is a special sort of Student Story Time as this is going to be a mish mash of stories I’ve heard as well as what I have witnessed at clubs. I’ve been going out quite a bit lately and so okaythese stories have been accumulating for a while and some are being used in my latest short story.

First things first I went to an event called Crisis a couple of weeks and goddamn was it an interesting night. My friend N (That’s what I will call her because a lot of these stories include her) got very pissed at prinks and proceeded to shoot around like a helium balloon that’s been let go of.

That is an accurate description of her energy I think.

On the bus into the city she drunk messaged her mum – whose in Malaysia by the way- and me being a good friend did damage control to reduce the amount of worrying on her mothers part. I responded pretending to be N and lied, saying that a drunk friend had gotten her phone. I am a good friend *pats own back*

After that, I had to convince N that getting into the club was actually a drama assessment and that she had to pass it, I even told her that one of our old drama teachers was going to be on the door as one of the bouncers! She was so drunk that this was the only way of getting her in, otherwise she was going to get kicked out for being too drunk.

The night then proceeded of her dashing around the place, me losing her, me doing one too many tequila shots getting bumped by someone at the bar and spitting the shot out all over the bartender.

I also fell down the stairs that night and still have bruised knees as well as I got asked if I wanted to go home with a random guy. I told him nope and that I was going to continue with my terrible dancing – to which he then responded saying that I wasn’t bad and that he had been watching me all night.

Creep alert.

drunkAlso this is how you know how drunk I am- when the slut dropping comes out to play. Don’t worry guys and gals it was only with my close friend Holly and was funny as heck.

When I got back (N got kicked out so I went back with her flat mates- I was staying at hers) she was crawling on the floor with nothing but her top and underwear on and asking us all if we could see her underwear.

I told you she was pissed.

And then there’s the run down on her snap chat – N with her head bleeding from hitting it on the side of her bedside table, N in the shower – fully clothed, N racing C on campus when drunk… and it goes on and on…

But yes that’s that story. Then there’s the weekend that just passed and the funnest prinks that I think I’ve ever had. There is photographic evidence of me picking up Freya and swinging her around and Ian doing the same but with Alex. Yes, ladies and gents my anti-social club hating boyf actually came out for a night on the town!

There was a lot of falling over involved on that night and a lot of 90s/ 2000s music going around. But me and Alex came back early and therefore missed the messy end of the night which seems to always occur (nothing too bad just drunkenness).drunkwinegame-of-thrones

The final prominent memory from drunk nights out would be that which occurred on Friday night when I went out with Molly and all of her Science pals.

It was a memorable night for lots of reasons, Molly’s poor attempt to queue skip, being rained on lots, people getting kicked out of Spoons…

But the starring moment was that when one of the guys randomly got his balls out in our kitchen and our good ol’ friend Liv walked in and saw them when everyone else had looked away.

Yes that happened.

So there you go ladies and gents. A student story time special! You’re either laughing right now or sitting there tutting and vowing that you will never drink again for fear that similar fates await you.

Ta ta for now!

-E xxx

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Hi Again! Long Time No See

Hi there blog world,

It’s been a long time no see so I just thought I would give you a little update on how university life was going.

I have just finished my January exams and to be honest today I feel sooooo tired, all those nights at Hallward Library  have hopefully paid off but even if things don’t go as planned I know I did the best I could have.

Life has been errr interesting to say the least. I hope that with the new term my blogging will start becoming more and more regular. To be honest life is just very very busy at the moment.

Last night was odd….. it was a very bad night actually. I don’t know if I should be so honest online but I have come to the conclusion that wine and me do not mix well. Wine is normally the cheapest and nicest thing to drink on a night out at prinks but lately it just seems to turn me weepy and a little bitchy too.

But anyway, the night itself. It all started off nice and there was a lot of dancing involved. Everyone got to see my terrible dad dancing- and the crab dance move was even incorporated at one point. But then the evening began to spiral. Thwinee wine really does heighten anxieties I think and I just remember starting to feel very upset.

I was a bit of a party pooper. But oh well, it’s just the thing about student accommodation and being in university in general is that you rarely have any time to yourself. My flat is very social and whilst it’s lovely 99.99% of the time. Sometimes it can become claustrophobic when you just want to be alone and wallow in your crazy emotions rather than be surrounded by fifty people.

The night ended with an argument, a walk at 2 ‘o’ clock in the morning and me falling asleep at 6am. Charming, right?

But yes, today has been pretty weird in itself and also very short. I went for a walk to the canal on my own and it pretty much hammered down with rain. But it was nice to get away from everything on my own and I even called my dad up and caught him up on my life.

Now, I am about to go out to see a movie with my flat mates and friends. It’s the one with James Macavoy who is just soooooo good looking aaaaahhhhh. But yes I may write a review on that when I get back or else I shall do so tomorrow.

Monday is the first day of term so I am very much trying to enjoy this time relaxing before getting back into that routine. I am also attempting to find a new job rather than waitressing, just because the hours are really screwing up my body clock and I’m just constantly tired all the time.

more wine.jpgI am very lucky to have such lovely people around me though. As I sit here writing this I’m in the kitchen with Naveedh, Kumar and Molly. Molly is who I went on the walk with last night and to be honest it was really nice to have such a frank and honest conversation. Yes, they really are a lovely bunch and I’ll be sad next year when we’re all apart, although I will still have Molly and the rest of them will just be across the road.

Anyway, the conclusion to this post is that life is weird, unis weird, feelings are weird, and I- I am very very weird.

See you,


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Student Story Time: A Not So Sober Night

I really need my titles to be a tad more inventive.

Oh well it sums it up quite nicely don’t you think?

Basically in true student fashion I experienced some horrifying flash backs to a drunken night that happened the Friday before last night that my brain had been trying desperately to conceal from me for as long as possible.drunk-meme

Thanks brain *pats head* but we all knew this day would come.

So let me fill you guys in. It was Friday Booze Night as my flat mate Molly likes to say (every nights booze night to her though so don’t be fooled into thinking this was a special occasion) and everyone was congregating in our kitchen when I broke out the wine. Now, I had a bad day and so in true Esther fashion popped down to the Sainsbury’s and picked out the highest percent but cheapest wine there.

It was no Tesco Straw Hat* believe you me! This stuff was very very rancid so I applaud myself for drinking as much of it as I did.

But then I noticed out of the corner of my eye Sonia breaking out her precious Fireball whisky. Hmmmm went my brain as I sneakily poured myself some.

Anyone who knows me understands that I have the sweetest tooth known to mankind – let’s be honest my working at a newsagents for two years probably didn’t help the matter and my parents have in fact informed me that since leaving they have saved a lot of money on granulated sugar.

gotSo, we all know how this story is going to go. I downed lots of whisky, went a bit crazy, my flat mate Naveedh had to hide the alcohol from me and has videos of me falling all over the place as you do.

And then the nausea hit me. Like a tonne of bricks. I flew to the toilet and proceeded to throw up. I still shiver at the thought of me touching that disgusting communal toilet. After that I flopped to the ground and Naveedh and Ian proceeded to lift me up and the others tried to get too my room in one piece.

Then Molly let loose her battle cry, “Spooooooooooooooooooooons!”

At those words my head sprung up- and all of a sudden I was determined to make it to Spoons.

Olyvia struggled against me as I tried to get past her to join Molly on her drunken journey to the pub. But Olyvia was having none of it. After thirty seconds of struggling she threw wallme and I “rag dolled” as we are now calling and flew through the air and hit my head against the concrete wall.

This part I remember very clearly, I blacked out for about five seconds and came too to the familiar voices around me.

“She’s dead, you killed her!” Naveedh exclaimed.

To which Olyvia amusingly replied, “Nah she’s fine, she’s still breathing.”

I awoke after that and the rest of the night was characterised by a lot of upchucking- I refuse to say chundered- and lots of honest talking, bawling and laughing on my part. Most of which I don’t remember and wish for it to stay that way.

The next day I was going on a day out with the knitting society to Bakewell and lets just say I woke up wondering why I was wearing a bambi nighty with pikachu shorts…

My fashion sense when drunk clearly isn’t the best to say the least.


P.S. This might become a new segment on my blog of all the weird things that have happened to me as a student. I’m going clubbing next Tuesday for my birthday and I’m certain that there will definitely be a story there.