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Adrenaline Rush

I want that roller coaster feel

My emotions to be spilling out at the seams

To be on the edge of my seat

Like a terrible 80’s horror movie.

I don’t want to settle into a repetitive sequence

Taking on the same morbid role

As a piece of factory machinery

Which like an ever slowing pulse

Thuds, and thuds, and thuds eternally.

I want to be everything that youth stands for.

I want to be wild and loud

The regrets-but-at-least-they-happened

Not to be constantly second guessing my actions.

Wondering about work, putting off plans.

I want my fight or flight instincts to kick in

I want that adrenaline rush-

-And I’m going out there to get it.




P.s. Just a little something to kick off the New Year 😉

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Poem: Stuck Record

Stuck in the same moment

My brain gets stuck in the same moment

Never ageing, never growing,

It feels like these grudges won’t let go

Of me

I bottle it up

But never set it out to sea

When will my head be free?

I’m a scrambled

Up game of cats cradle

Where do I start

When will I end?

Why don’t you try and untangle me

Run your fingers through my hair

Remind me of how it feels

To have you be there.

Because I try to let things go

I want to let the hurt dissipate

But I’m a stuck record

And I can’t change track

Unless you help me switch the Vinyl

Play some Beatles

Give me Doris Day

Anything to get the happy go lucky girl back.

Because I know you miss her

You want sunshine

And I give you clouds of grey.

You want happily ever after

Like we always talked about

But I’m a short fuse these days.

Bursts of laughter

Bursts of rage

And you’re afraid to get too close

To the ever present danger zone.






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Poem: Buckfizz & Merriment

Christmas time, when all the children are grown up

And the parents are being spoilt for a change.

When you sleep through the stocking being placed in your room

Whereas years before you were up at the start of day.

When you walk downstairs

And smell the dinner cooking

The coffee brewing

And everyone in one room – for once.

And the dinner table, laid with white, gold and red.

The streams of alcohol, freely flowing

And your mother glowing with pride

At her perfectly crisp roasties.

The Christmas crackers, terrible jokes, bad trivia games

And much much more.

These are all a part of this time of year.

No matter how much older we all get-

We’ll always reunite here.


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Lost in Translation

Lost in translation

That defines these conversations.

They’re hopeless

A dead end and problematic to no end.

So I created a new language

One that made more sense to me

Than the years of guilt and animosity .

I just feel bored when they talk.

In their foreign tongue

When they argue

I slip away to another world.

I don’t need to be reminded who I am in your eyes.

I’m still me

And I know exactly where my heart lies.


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Shedding Skin

I used to think that shedding skin

Was such an evil twisted thing

Because that’s what they told me

So that’s what I thought.

The product they sold me

Was the product I bought.

Shedding skin leaves you vulnerable

Yes, this year having a tough shell is in.

Why be vulnerable

When you can be defensive?

Why would you willingly let everyone in?

But actually

Those with hard skin will often find

Old stubborn woes

That long should have been left behind.

New skin means rebirth

Starting anew

What is the point in letting old conflicts brew?



Again all the news I seem to receive these days appears to be negative. I want to stop this in it’s tracks and stop feeling so frightened of my thoughts and feelings and instead rather embrace them. Look out for another post in the very near future because I want to start a movement inspired by my friend Kerry.

Stay tuned and stay happy!

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Difficult People Doing Difficult Things

Difficult people doing difficult things

Requires awkward manoeuvres

Because they think themselves Kings.

I’m not a difficult women

So I can’t play their games

I was raised by my mother

Not by snakes on a plane.

Mean spirited people have a chip on their shoulder

Or rather a huge weight of nastiness

That they try to smother you under.

All of this said we need to put them in place

By thwarting their negativity

With smiles and joy

So we can try and erase.



Needless to say I’ve been dealing with difficult people all my life, sometimes the only way to beat them is to carry on enjoying life and not showing them that they’ve won. I had a bad day today – like REALLY bad – I wish I could go into more detail. In which around every corner seemed to be someone trying to drag me down when I was trying to have a positive attitude. I let it out, cried a bit on the phone with my friend whom was having similar woes and then we chuckled all night long.