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Top 5 Romance Animes (Weeb Out With Me!)

This is a very different kind of post that I hope you can try and appreciate. Yes I am a Literature nerd but that doesn’t mean I can’t love a bit of anime in my spare time too. Especially the romantic ones, here’s my top list! Grab some popcorn and prepare to get weeby 😉

1. Yona of the Dawn

If you like comedy, romance and action then this is for you. I really loved this anime andyona.jpg my only query would be the fact that they LEFT IT ON A CLIFFHANGER AND HAVEN’T SEEMED TO HAVE PICKED UP THE SERIES. This is a very big problem with a lot of good animes which honestly makes annoys me, leaving a story unfinished is not a joke. Still, despite this I can honestly say that this anime is still worth watching. To summarise theirs a princess Yona who is betrayed by her love interest and forced to leave the castle with another hottie, she then become badass and seeks to find these dragon guardian guys to help her out. It’s brilliant and I’ll have to pick up the manga to find out how it ends you know because HOPEFULLY THAT’S FINISHED AHEM.

2. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

maid no samaHahaha this is one that my friend Liv recommended to me after I told her about the one below. It’s about a gal who is the super serious school council president at school but has to work in a maid cafe in her spare time to keep up with tuition fees. It’s a laugh and a half especially when a guy finds out she works there. She doesn’t realise that guys are attracted to her and doesn’t want them to be because she thinks this will compromise the respect they give her in her academic career. It’s light hearted, funny as hell with lots of awwww moments. Go on, you know you want too!

3. Kiss Him Not Me!

Possibly one of my FAVOURITES OF ALL TIME. I really could just watch this one over and kiss-him-not-meover and over and… you get my drift. It’s about a gal called Kae who is a fujoshi – basically someone that fangirls over animes or TV dramas featuring guy/guy romances. At the start of the show she is a happy-go-lucky chica whose super nerdy and chubby, friends with all the guys and completely ignorant to any jokes about her. She just doesn’t give a shit about the guys around her. Long story short (tiny spoiler alert) she loses loads of weight by accident and suddenly has loads of guys lining up to get with her. Funny thing is, she doesn’t care and instead wants them all to get with each other. It sounds weird but gawd is this anime brilliantly done! I like the girls confidence before and after her transformation and how she doesn’t try to change.


4. Ouran High School Host Club

ouran.jpgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH I LOVE IT. I am currently reading the manga series and keep re-watching this. Everyone must have heard about this series. It’s a favourite of most peoples, including me! Haruhi is mistaken as a guy and forced to be in the club as a member after she breaks something expensive, the guys become really attached to her as they are the only ones who know her true gender. It’s over the top and insanely addictive -I commend Bisco Hatori !

5. Golden Time

My favourite. This was an accidental find but a great one. You find yourself growing very very attached to the characters. I wasn’t actually all that concerned with the main golden.jpgcharacter Tada Banri but instead found the other characters such as Koko and Chinami much more interesting. It’s sad, heartfelt and gripping. I cannot sing the praises of this anime enough. Tada Banri is a university student who was comatose after an accident and when he wakes up realises that he’s lost all his memories and personality. Linda is the girl the previous Tada liked and there’s an intense love triangle between Tada, Linda and Koko. Personally, I prefer Koko to Linda and found her more of a relatable.

Well there we have it! I hope someone enjoyed this post and please let me know what you thought about these animes if you watch them!





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