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Let Me Catch You Guys Up

A lot of shit has happened since I last spoke to you guys on here.

So basically I am now at University in Nottingham and moved right into my accommodation. The House is what I shall call it.

All my flat mates are lovely, so far I have two guys that are kinda like my older brothers, another two that we don’t see very much but are really nice and then there’s Molly and Kat. Molly is who I’ve bonded with the most and who I spend the most time with.

But at the mo I feel kinda out of things so I got up from the daily movie screening in her room with people to FINALLY update this blog. Sorry for keeping you all on the edge of your seats for so long.

Yes, Molly is basically a funny, hardcore gal from the Isle of Wight, weird I know, but it’s very much true.

Kat on the other hand I won’t lie did kinda intimidate me at first but she really is incredibly lovely and then there’s Monty the guy doing animal science who went to Eaton.

Fancy, am I right?

But yeah that’s the low down on all my flat mates and then the other people I’ve met are a whole nother story.

One that I have to mention would be Holly, the kooky, creative, street smart pal I have made for my classes- she’s a local Nottingham gal so she’s been showing me the ropes.

If I’m being honest it’s very difficult to describe university life because I seem to have fallen into a very comfortable pattern, I feel weird and there are a lot of things I would like to discuss on here but perhaps that’s better left for another day otherwise this post is going to be super long.

A few final points; we have a cat called Albi at the accommodation, I have a drama teacher  called Gordon Ramsay and I have joined the knitting society.

*Takes a breath*

Yep so that’s that for now, I shall try and give you another update on Monday probably. I was going to say Sunday but I may be too upset because Alex leaves for Coventry again at six (I’m seeing him this weekend, yay!)

See you soon,



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