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Short Story: Running Away

Finally I was done with it all. Things had gotten way out of control one time too many and I was over it.

I stood around my tiny apartment and in a flash of fury started zipping around frantically packing things into my old russet coloured suitcase.

There was nobody anymore except for my self and I needed to leave. The city was dull and depressing to look out at, my job was dead end and not what my very expensive degree had promised. And the cherry on top of everything was the persistent neglect of my friends.

So, I did the first thing that came to mind.

I booked a flight to Canada.

I had never done anything so on the spur of the moment. So with a last look at my flat and a handful of luggage I fled the scene.

Walking towards my terminal I felt a thrill run down my back. There was nothing left for me  back there and the realisation that I had nothing to miss comforted me.

What was I worrying about? All the people that never gave a shit about me or my feelings? The constant second best status I held or being run down by others, that wasn’t fun nor being made to feel like you are constantly in the wrong.

The announcement sounded and my gates opened. It felt like heaven was extending itself to me and I couldn’t wait to see what Paradise held.

So with a final sigh and a very big step forward I moved into my future.



P.S. This is going to become a running segment as me and my fictional character go globe trotting.


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