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Packing My Life Into A Suitcase

So Nottingham is now less than a week away and I am still nowhere ready for University packing or mentally.

I am one of the last people to leave this year and the town feels barren without my friends, it makes me quite sad really but reiterates the fact that I need to leave.

The longer I seem to be staying in this town the more things seem to be getting out of hand. I was very upset this morning just because it felt like everyone was ignoring the fact that I am leaving in less than a week.

University is a confusing milestone to me, I need it but I don’t know how to make the most of it.

I still haven’t finished my reading of Paradise Lost, I’ve only gotten through the introduction!

And then there’s packing. Wow, I never realised just how much stuff I own.

So basically, yes I had a bit of a meltdown this morning, I was stressed and frustrated and it felt like instead of people wanting to wish me off in the best way they just want to make things harder on me.

My rooms looking 5% barer book wise (I have a lot of books) and I have done a little shopping today to get a couple of things that I needed like a new rug! It makes me sad that I can’t bring Tango… maybe I’ll frame a picture of him.

Update it’s been a couple of hours and I am officially pissed off. So, I invite Amy round and everything appears as though it’s fine and then her boyfriend calls her up and starts bitching to her about me on the phone… when I am sitting right there.

And sure when I mean bitching it was like, “But I thought you were mad when she didn’t respond to your messages yada yada yada,” making it crystal clear what had been talked about. I’m sorry but the guy acts like the sun shines out of his ass.

Grr I’m just annoyed I guess. And the worst part is her defending him saying things like oh he didn’t mean it like that and what tone?

She didn’t even give me a hug when she said goodbye and she’s about to phone him and tell him allllll about it no doubt.

She’s my friend and I care about her but I just don’t understand why she can’t see what is so blatantly obvious????

Why should I stand back and let some person act like I’m in the wrong? I’ve had too much of that lately and I just can’t be asked with any more.


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