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Good Morning! Or errr Afternoon rather ?

I am sitting here in bed typing this out yet still having a million other things that need doing. I guess I should actually start packing for university today… and I’ll admit I’m still worrying about money and my definite lack thereof.

Finding a job is my main cause for concern so I think I shall crack on with phoning up some places as soon as I can be bothered to get out of bed.

My room also needs a serious clean!

Okay back now, my room is semi clean, my periods come on so I feel like shite and I’ve rung up some job places and may have a job at DW Sport if I have any luck (which I probably don’t).

I’ve also already managed to have an awkward encounter. I went downstairs to use the bathroom which is right next to the front door and Danny came home with a girl.sonic

Now picture this, me in my dressing gown, my hair wet from the shower and because it’s short I look like sonic the hedgehog. So I had to very quietly flush the chain and sprint as soon as I heard them go upstairs.

Now I’m listening to The Lumineers – yes I know my last post was about them, but I seriously love them! And I’m about to go with Megan so that she can get her helix pierced.

So we are headed to Luton where I also hope to stop in at Tiger to buy a couple more folders for University.

Damn I wish these cramps would go.

Never mind- wish me luck on my job applications!



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