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Shedding Skin

I used to think that shedding skin

Was such an evil twisted thing

Because that’s what they told me

So that’s what I thought.

The product they sold me

Was the product I bought.

Shedding skin leaves you vulnerable

Yes, this year having a tough shell is in.

Why be vulnerable

When you can be defensive?

Why would you willingly let everyone in?

But actually

Those with hard skin will often find

Old stubborn woes

That long should have been left behind.

New skin means rebirth

Starting anew

What is the point in letting old conflicts brew?



Again all the news I seem to receive these days appears to be negative. I want to stop this in it’s tracks and stop feeling so frightened of my thoughts and feelings and instead rather embrace them. Look out for another post in the very near future because I want to start a movement inspired by my friend Kerry.

Stay tuned and stay happy!


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