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Difficult People Doing Difficult Things

Difficult people doing difficult things

Requires awkward manoeuvres

Because they think themselves Kings.

I’m not a difficult women

So I can’t play their games

I was raised by my mother

Not by snakes on a plane.

Mean spirited people have a chip on their shoulder

Or rather a huge weight of nastiness

That they try to smother you under.

All of this said we need to put them in place

By thwarting their negativity

With smiles and joy

So we can try and erase.



Needless to say I’ve been dealing with difficult people all my life, sometimes the only way to beat them is to carry on enjoying life and not showing them that they’ve won. I had a bad day today – like REALLY bad – I wish I could go into more detail. In which around every corner seemed to be someone trying to drag me down when I was trying to have a positive attitude. I let it out, cried a bit on the phone with my friend whom was having similar woes and then we chuckled all night long.





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